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Feather / heart ring

Feather / heart ring

Embrace the symbolism of a rose gold ring Vermeil (the highest quality Sterling silver combined with rose gold) adorned with a delicate heart and feather wings.


Available now in US ring size 9. Pre-order your size and /or in silver, or yellow gold vermeil (4 weeks).


With it's warm rose gold hues, this captivating piece transcends mere jewellery—it's a profound expression of love, protection, and spirituality.


Feathers and Angels are often seen as messengers of love and hope, watching over us and offering comfort in times of need. The wings symbolize the freedom and reassurance that come from knowing we are never alone. Together, the heart and angel wings create a profound statement piece that speaks to the depths of love, the strength of protection, and beauty.  


It's more than just a ring—it's a wearable symbol of the profound connections that enrich our lives.

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